Homemade Facial Peel

The usual trend all over the world is to spend huge chunks of money on beauty products to look beautiful. We would like to share some simple homemadeĀ  facial treatments that could be easily made in our kitchen.

The other name of this facial peel is chemical peel. It helps in the enhancement of the skin appearance in a positive and beautiful way. The application of this chemical peel on the skin changes the problematic or wrinkled areas into blisters. This in turn makes it very easy for these layers to be peeled off easily without causing any form of scar on the face. The main motive of the use of this chemical peel on the skin is to make it look better and finer.

Many items can be used to make these homemade facial peels. However here we are using three main items. Two of these three ingredients are Papaya and Pineapple. These fruits are used because natural enzymes are contained in them which are extremely helpful for the skin. Again alpha-hydroxyl is also contained in these fruits which help the dry and dead skin cells to be eliminated. The third and final ingredient is honey which is a famous skin revitalize. The requirements of making the facial peel and procedure of this application are discussed as follows:

1. Medium sized fresh pineapple.

2. Medium sized fresh papaya (PawPaw).

3. One tablespoon dark organic honey.

Procedure of the application of the facial peel:

  • First Step: The medium sized papaya and pineapple are taken together and pasted into a fine mixture. It is always advised to use a blender to do this rather than manually doing it because the blender ensures the fineness of the blended paste.
  • Second Step: Once this blended fine paste is made, one tablespoon of the dark organic honey should be mixed with the paste.
  • Third Step: Using a preferred face wash, the face should be washed and cleaned. The assurance of the clean face before application of the chemical peel is important. After washing, the face should be pat dry, preferably with a paper towel (Lint-less towels can also be used for the purpose since it effectively avoids all face irritations).
  • Fourth Step: The ring finger should be used to apply the paste all around the face and neck areas. The sensitive skin areas along with the eye areas should be avoided while applying this paste for safety reasons.
  • Fifth Step: One must lie down, relax and let the paste be on the face areas for 20-25 minutes. People with sensitive skin should keep the mask for 10 minutes.
  • Sixth Step: When the time is passed, warm water should be used to clear off the mask.
  • Seventh Step: After completely drying the face, a toner or moisturizer must be used. Some cold water should be sprinkled on the face so the pores opened by the warm water can be closed so that the moisturizer can work on the skin effectively. This completes the beauty treatment that would provide a clean and beautiful skin.