Face Threading Singapore

What is Face Threading?

Face threading is one of the most common techniques for removing facial hair and has been in use since centuries by people all over the world. Believed to have iginated in Middle East, it soon caught up globally. The facial hair are removed meticulously with the help of thread leaving the skin look smooth and beautiful.On which part of face is face threading applied?

Generally confined to eyebrows, threading can be applied to upper lips, chin, cheeks and forehead too. Face threading plucks the fine hair from the roots and pulls them out of the follicles. This method is suitable for those who are allergic to waxing or other chemical procedures. Face threading needs to be done by a highly skilled and accredited professional because if done the wrong way, the hair follicles can break and cause rapid growth of hair.

Waxing vs threading, which is better for face?

Compared to waxing which peels the outer layer of skin, face threading is less invasive and the effects last between 2-4 weeks for eyebrows and upper lip while for other facial hair, the process lasts between 3-5 weeks.
Does threading increase the thickness of facial hair?

Contrary to the popular belief that threading or waxing causes rapid grow hair, threading in fact reduces the hair growth by damaging the hair follicles and disrupts the growth pattern of hair from these follicles. The use of anti-bacterial cotton thread makes the process of threading completely hygienic and 100% safe. The anti-bacterial cotton thread is twisted and rolled in a special manner so as to lift and trap the facial hair in between the two threads held between the fingers,and by slightly jerking the thread, the hair are pulled out from the follicles. The thread is discarded after every use so as to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. This technique is completely natural and causes no damage to the skin. Those who are on acne treatment and are told to refrain from waxing or any other chemical procedure can opt for threading after consulting a dermatologist.

What is the procedure of face threading?

A talc-free powder is applied to the area initially before threading so as to set all the hair in a direction which facilitates threading and aloe vera gel is applied afterwards to minimise the burning sensation. Aloe vera cream heals the skin rapidly and prevents the reddening of skin. The complete process of threading the face takes around 30-40 minutes only when done by an experienced and skilled professional. Threading should be done only in reputed salons who have trained and skilled experts since the skin of the face is extremely delicate and any mishap can leave the face turn red and intensify the burning sensation. Most experts advice their customers to wash their face with ice water after threading since cold water can cause the irritation to subside quickly.

Face threading in Singapore