Aroma Essence Massage Singapore (Aromatherapy Massage)

A form of alternative medicine aromatherapy has been used since 1907, it combines the use of fragrant essential oils which will relax the mind, ease stress, awaken consciousness as well as help to create a general well being to the body and mind. If you have never tried one of these treatments before, you are in for a treat.

Benefits of  Aromatherapy Massage

Having an aroma essence massage can certainly help a wide range of problems. Based on your discussion the therapist will recommend a blend of all natural essences mixed with oil will be prepared. Each infusion of oils is unique and will based upon any symptoms you are displaying. If you are having trouble sleeping a blend of lavender and chamomile oils maybe used by the therapist to aid relaxation. For those who are suffering from any infections, tea-tree is commonly added to the blend.

If you have been suffering from depression or have been experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety then a blend of oils containing lemon, peppermint and jasmine could provide you with the perfect remedy. Other essences include eucalyptus, coconut, rose, lemon balm and sweet almond oil. We use only natural organic products which are non-chemical and free from animal testing. Once the oils have been selected the therapist will gently massage your shoulders using a range of techniques The deep tissue movements help to release toxins, loosen muscles and help with the circulation of blood as well as balancing your yi and yang. The warmth of the oil quickly helps release stress and the oil will quickly be absorbed. The scent of lavender is particularly good in helping to create well being and relaxation. It is not uncommon for clients to say that they feel like they have experienced another consciousness.

The Massage

Before you start, you will have a consultation with one of our qualified therapist. It maybe to just relax or perhaps you have some other health concerns you want to address. When you use our services you will be in the hands of professionals who will advise you on the best routes to take for better health and well being. Many will feel the results immediately and have a feeling that they are gently drifting away, awake but so relaxed with not a care in the world it is a magical feeling. Post treatment we always recommended that the client take a few moments to get their bearings, have a drink water, to help clear the toxins.

We would recommend that you take it easy for a few hours to continue to feel the wonderful benefits of this super massage.

Why Choose Face of Blossom?

You will be in great hands!  We offer our clients a warm professional service and care about your needs. You will be amazed at just how affordable aroma essence massage along with other treatments are. You could consider a gift certificate for a friend or co-worker. Whilst it will not cure diseases it can certainly help relax the body, mind and soul.