Manual Lymphatic Drainage Pump Technique

During pump method, a massage therapist will place his or her palms face down on the patient’s skin. He then makes ovoid strokes using his fingers and thumbs on strategic places which promote waste disposal from the body.

Manual Lymph Drainage Rotary  Technique

During the Rotary method, the beauty massage therapist will massage a patient’s skin in circular motion using the palms. Wrists are then used to apply or reduce pressure generated by the strokes.

Manual Lymph Drainage Scoop strokes

To perform this manual lymph drainage technique in the best way possible, our massage therapist will carefully position his or her palms facing upwards. The fingers need to be outstretched in a position that makes the hands cupped to resemble a scoop. The therapist will then apply multiple twisting strokes on the patient’s skin in order to promote flow of lymph hence waste removal.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage  Stationary Circles  Technique

Here, a therapist applies circular strokes while in a stationary position. This is effectively achieved when the therapist uses his or her fingertips to make circular motions. The stationary circles method is mostly applied on the face, neck and lymph nodes.