Eyebrow Enhancement Singapore(Shaping, Threading, Trimming, Waxing)

Necessity of Eyebrow Enhancement

Your eyebrows play a major role in making your eyes look beautiful and appealing. Research also shows that bigger eyebrows actually help in increasing one’s confidence. However, bushy eyebrows can also be a turn off hence you need to use some of our eyebrow enhancement services once in a while to ensure that the size of your eyebrows is in check; neither too bushy nor too scarce. The necessity of making your eyebrows impressive cannot be undermined in as far as beauty is concerned. You simply can’t afford to neglect your eyebrows if you are serious about your beauty.


Waxing is one of the best methods of shaping your eyebrows and preventing them from becoming bushy. Most people try doing waxing and threading on their own and end up hurting themselves. However, with our professionals you are sure of a smooth and easy waxing process free from pain and contamination. Our beauticians will shape your eyebrows carefully within the shortest time possible and use appropriate skin friendly chemicals. You will also enjoy various interesting eyebrow enhancement designs from our wide selection of styles.

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading is one of the best methods of shaping and reducing the size your eyebrows. If you are one of those who have bushy eyebrows or need to have your eyebrows shaped, then you can consider using our services for a better look. Our professionals will ensure that they use the right kind of thread is used and the appropriate disinfectant applied to prevent any contamination.


Bushy eyebrows may completely change the look on your face and make you look scary. It is recommended that you trim your eyebrows whenever they start growing wild and bushy. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t do the trimming on your own especially if you are a first trimmer. You can visit our beauty shop and let our experts do the job for you at an affordable price. Depending on your skin colour and shape of eyebrows, our beauticians will trim them to the most appropriate size. If you always had an itchy experience after trimming your eyebrows, then you may consider that as a past with our services.

Professionalism of Our Services

Our Eyebrow Enhancement services are carried out in a clean environment free from germs and other contaminants. Our chemicals are clinically tested and approved for use on human skin. They are also friendly to sensitive skin hence you are assured of the best results. Our staffs are well trained, qualified and experienced in the field of beauty hence you can be sure of meticulous services.

Our main aim is to ensure that you get quality services in as far as eyebrow enhancement is concerned.

If you wish to have your eyebrows shaped, trimmed or enhanced, then you can contact us and book for a reservation. Our services are 100% professional and are offered by experts in the field of beauty. You will also enjoy the full attention from our friendly staffs throughout your makeup session.

Your eyebrow enhancement problems have found a concrete solution.