Indian Head Massage Singapore

History of Indian Head Massage

In Hindi it is known as champi, a massage performed using different strokes and techniques. It is often used to relieve discomfort associated with eye strain and if you experience headaches or migraines it could certainly help. It is being used by more people today as a great way to relax and have overall well being. It is believed to help with hair loss. It will relax muscles, release negative energy and breakdown toxins, which cause our bodies to become fatigued and can cause stress and infections.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Many believe that this form of massage can help individuals reach a new level of consciousness and will bring inter peace and total tranquility to the mind, body and soul. The manipulation of muscles and deep movement of body tissue helps to release toxins which builds up and frequently prevents the positive flow of energy since the pathways are blocked. An Indian head massage will help to relieve stress and tension and will balance your chakras. This is one of the important aspects of Indian head massage. The chakras are points in the body and are vital for energy flow. The concept is followed in both Buddhism and Hinduism. There are seven chakras each with it own unique qualities. Our qualified therapists will help re-balance your chakras, giving that lift and boost you need. Many clients report after having an Indian head massage they have new energy levels. It is also quite common for those enjoying the massage to see various colors, even when their eyes are closed. This is often the charkas re-balancing themselves. The massage can help create a feeling of total well being, peace and tranquility. This form of massage is both very relaxing as well as being invigorating. It also helps for those who are suffering from frozen shoulder or migraine. For first timers to Indian head massage you will be amazed by the wonderful results, it is no surprise that many clients have a massage every month.

Indian Head Massage Therapy

Our team of expert therapists will guide you through the treatment and make sure it is the right procedure for you. With an Indian head massage there is no need to remove clothing, it is carried out whilst you are sat. The therapist will discuss the various organic oils that will be used during your treatment. They range from lavender, sandalwood, jasmine and rose. All of the products used are free from animal testing. Following your treatment you will instantly feel a feeling of well being, maybe even a new sense of consciousness. You may feel a little light and your feet, so it is worth having a glass of water to help with the build of toxins and to take it steady for a few minutes. This will help to release the tension in your body.

Why Choose Face of Blossom?

At Face of Blossom we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a friendly and attentive service. A warm welcome is guaranteed. You will find that our range of treatments is competitively priced and when you choose us you can be assured that you are in the hands of experts.