Ear Candling Treatment Singapore

What is Ear Candling?

This is a non-invasive natural method that is used to extract earwax together with other toxins from the ear canal. Apart from this the ear candling treatment is also known to improve mental clarity and bring balance to the fluids in their ear that are a major cause of headache. The toxins in your ear normally accumulate on a daily basis and it is natural. During the treatment one end of a candle is burnt while the other end is inserted into the ear. As the candle burns then a vacuum is created inside the ear canal which causes the excess earwax to be drawn out. The benefits that you get go beyond the cleansing of the ear.

Benefits of Ear Candling Treatment

The vacuum that is formed when the candle burns reduces problems such as plugged ears and swimmer’s ear. The ear candles also clear the excess wax that had built up and clogged the ear canals. In case you have any ear infections, ringing of the ear or tinnitus then the treatment can bring an end to it. The treatment can also relieve you from severe ear itch.

The ear candling treatment is considered to be holistic because its benefit surpass the ear problem. It is also able to get rid of any pressure and sinus pain that you might be experiencing and also eliminate some types of headache. It also improves the flow of the lymphatic fluid which ends up purifying your blood. When you have unblocked ears then you will have less snoring. There are also claims that the treatment is capable of improving the sense of taste as well as your perception of colour.

The treatment is a relaxing process in some way. It is capable of bringing relaxation to both your body and mind. This treatment will balance your emotional state. All the benefits that you get will make thinking more clearly and your state of being will be more energized. There are some candles that are used and are infused with essential oils, the benefits of these treatments will depend on the herb that was used.

Why you should go for Ear Candling Treatment

You should always go for ear candling treatment by professionals as opposed to doing it at home. This is because even though ear candling has a lot of benefits there are still some risks that you will be taking when you do it without supervision. For example, you might accidentally burn yourself. However, with the assistance of the professionals then everything around you will be regulated and you will be able to experience the full benefits of this treatment. The treatment is affordable considering the numerous benefits that you can get from a single session. Contact us now!