Manual Lymphatic Drainage Before After

Here’s a photo of our Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment for one of our customers.

We do recommending wearing compression socks after the treatment for better recovery period.

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How Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Helps to Get Rid Water Retention

How Manual Lymphatic Drainage Reduce In Water Retention

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is an advanced therapy that uses specialized infinite light and pumping techniques to stimulate lymph vessels to drain vital body fluids and remove waste products.

This is the most effective therapy for persons suffering from Metachromatic Leukodystrophy genetic disorders which result in the accumulation of lipids and other substances in cells of the nervous system. Since metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) disorders have no known cure, manual lymphatic drainage therapy is the major remedy which is used as a supportive treatment to thwart the harm caused by the disease.

Benefits of our services

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a popular therapy for the treatment of metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) disorders because it fosters the natural processes of the lymphatic system responsible for the removal of waste substances and regeneration of the immune system.

Thus, subscribing to a Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapy will offer these benefits to your body and boost your general health. This therapy also has a significant impact on both the mind and body in treating oedemas such as the lymphedema. Therefore, it will benefit your treatment by detoxifying the body and stimulating overall relaxation.

The lymphatic system is such an integral part of your overall health and a Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage will restore normal body functions and reduce water retention in the body. This is critical because the lymphatic system does not have a pump but rather relies on your body cells to boost the flow of body fluids.

The efficacy of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage helps with this problem especially if you have swollen legs or fingers. This therapy will not only eliminate or reduce water retention fluid, but also avert the pain in tissues affected by water retention.

Swollen nodes in the lymphatic system are a cause of great pain and harbor toxins which are hard to treat with a thorough Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage to reduce cellulite and increase the flow of blood to the affected parts of the body.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage is not only beneficial to persons suffering from metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) disorders but also applicable to pregnant women who are likely to have swollen ankles. This kind of swelling is called oedema and leads to the retention of water due to increased pressured in the body. It is a serious complication to the body and the lymphatic system in general, but it can be resolved by application of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage which effectively drains excess body fluids, waste products, and correct puffiness and swelling around the ankles.

Ideally, the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage is based on exercise aimed at improving and healing muscle actions especially for physically weak people and pregnant women. It also helps to improve muscle and pregnancy injury complications. Furthermore, it has proven to be effective in addressing cancer conditions and symptoms which come from legs tissue disease.

Once you are subscribed to a Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapy with our service you should expect reduced fluid retention and an improved immune system.

Our therapists will attend you in a specialized and customized approach to meet your specific needs. You will have a personal therapist attend you and work on your body with an optimized strategy targeting your lymphatic system with gentle strokes and soft pumping motions toward your lymph nodes for ultimate relieve.


Our service proudly presents the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapy as the ultimate manual massage which technically applies to your entire body and bringing it to a high vibration which makes your lymphatic system better by up to 20 times. This effect on your lymphatic system actually gives you a better drainage of fluids throughout your lymphatic vessels and increased detoxification which is key to better immunity and over repair of damaged body tissues.

We are knowledge and rich in years of experience in administering this therapy hence guaranteed satisfaction to all our clients. We provide an all-round solution to day to day problems which rank among ten natural top search healing modalities for the primary function of the lymphatic system.

It is worth noting that lymph nodes are located close to the surface of your skin which the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage greatly impacts to relieve the swollen areas. Thus, these movements stretch your lymphatic system and stimulate it to relieve you from pain and toxins that usually build up in body tissues due to water retention or any other metachromatic Leukodystrophy disorders.

Therefore, you can rely on both our expertise and the reputation of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Get Rid Water Retention therapy from its renowned effectiveness to help you overcome water retention complications.

Get in touch with us today for a Manual Lymphatic Drainage professional service in the most relaxation set up.

Face Of Blossom 21st Year Anniversary

Face Of Blossom would like to thank our customer support all these years. We will be having meal and refreshments on the 05th November 2016 to celebrate our 21st year anniversary. There will be lucky draw prizes, nails makeup, heavily discounted beauty products. Do join us in this fun fill activity event. 

See you soon!

Face Of Blossom 20th Anniversary

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary.

Date : 24th October 2015
Time : 11am to 6pm
Venue: 149 Rochor Road Fu Lu Shou Complex, #04-08, S188425
Contact: 6334 3068

Buffet Lunch: 12pm – 3pm
High Tea: 3pm – 6pm

Highlight & Programme

Have fun with us, Welcome gift,

  • FREE Face Threading, Free Shoulder Massage, Free Manicure & Pedicure
  • Lucky Draw (We have prepared special prizes! Hint: These prizes are women’s essentials!
  • Best Deal : All Charlotte Meetzen Skincare, Buy 1 get 1 Free

We hope to see you at our 20th Anniversary.

Face Of Blossom 19th Anniversary

Dear Customers & Friends,

Face Of  Blossom is celebrating our 19th anniversary and we want to share the event with your loyal customers. We take this opportunity to thank you for helping us succeed and to invite you to join us in a celebration of this accomplishment.

Please join us on the 8th November 2014 Saturday (12pm – 6pm) for an afternoon of fun, prizes and good food.
Here’s Face Of Blossom Location.

We hope to see you there.

Best Regards,
Face Of Blossom Management

Using juices to help clear pimples

Best Juices To Clear Pimples

A pimple outburst often leaves an individual feeling embarrassed and in great pain. The fact that the appearance of a pimple can often be camouflaged by using a concealer on a temporary basis, it is important to note that these pimples often leave behind a pimple scar even after they diminish gradually. Thus, apart from applying creams to get rid of pimples, drinking fresh juices can prove to be highly beneficial in helping you clear pimples quickly and get of pimple scars in a natural and effective manner.

How Fresh Juices Help Clear Pimples

Drinking fresh juices provides the body with natural vitamin supplements quickly required to clear acne. The antibacterial activity and digestive support enzymes present in the fresh juices help digest protein and fat easily. In addition, the minerals present in the fresh juices neutralize the dermis acids and helps restore the PH balance of the skin. Thus, the presence of vitamins, digestive support enzymes, pure waters, mineral deposits and the nutritional value present in natural juices prove to be highly beneficial in cleansing the body of all the poisonous waste, thereby helping clear acne naturally and quickly.

Best Juices to Clear Pimples

  • Tomato Juice: Tomato juice is perhaps one of the most skin- friendly juices that helps cleanse skin naturally, thereby helping reduce and clear up acne. The acidity of the tomatoes and the presence of Vitamin C and Vitamin A not only help dry blemishes but get rid of acne naturally. Thus, if you have mild acne, cut the tomato into half and gently rub the inside on your face. But if you are suffering from severe acne, apply a mixture of one tbsp of tomato juice and four to five drops of lemon juice on the affected area for successful results.
  • Carrot Juice: Carrot juice is considered one of the best home remedies to treat pimples and achieve flawless skin. For best results, drink a glass of carrot juice every morning preferably on an empty stomach. Applying a carrot face mask for pimple by preparing a paste of mashed and steamed a large sized carrot, one tbsp of honey, few drops of lemon one tbsp of olive oil and some water can go a long way in healing pimples and preventing the formation of acne scars.
  • Lemon Juice: The juice of lemon is perhaps one of the best home remedies for cleansing skin naturally. For best results, apply the juice of lemon on the affected area with a cotton ball. Leave the juice on your face for about 30- 45 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.
  • Aloe Vera Juice: The juice of Aloe Vera is a great natural remedy for clearing acne and acne scars. Aloe Vera juice applied on acne (twice a day) can prove to be highly beneficial in helping you achieve acne free skin, but also helping you achieve a soft, smooth and glowing skin naturally.
  • Orange Juice: The juice of orange is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants that help keep your skin looking clean and clear naturally. Thus, drinking or applying orange juice on the affected area can help you achieve pimple free skin in successful manner.

Using fresh juices to clear pimples is a simple and effective home remedy can go a long way in helping you achieve a flawless, healthy and glowing skin naturally in a simple, easy and effective manner.


Homemade Facial Peel

Homemade Facial Peel

The usual trend all over the world is to spend huge chunks of money on beauty products to look beautiful. We would like to share some simple homemade  facial treatments that could be easily made in our kitchen.

The other name of this facial peel is chemical peel. It helps in the enhancement of the skin appearance in a positive and beautiful way. The application of this chemical peel on the skin changes the problematic or wrinkled areas into blisters. This in turn makes it very easy for these layers to be peeled off easily without causing any form of scar on the face. The main motive of the use of this chemical peel on the skin is to make it look better and finer.

Many items can be used to make these homemade facial peels. However here we are using three main items. Two of these three ingredients are Papaya and Pineapple. These fruits are used because natural enzymes are contained in them which are extremely helpful for the skin. Again alpha-hydroxyl is also contained in these fruits which help the dry and dead skin cells to be eliminated. The third and final ingredient is honey which is a famous skin revitalize. The requirements of making the facial peel and procedure of this application are discussed as follows:

1. Medium sized fresh pineapple.

2. Medium sized fresh papaya (PawPaw).

3. One tablespoon dark organic honey.

Procedure of the application of the facial peel:

  • First Step: The medium sized papaya and pineapple are taken together and pasted into a fine mixture. It is always advised to use a blender to do this rather than manually doing it because the blender ensures the fineness of the blended paste.
  • Second Step: Once this blended fine paste is made, one tablespoon of the dark organic honey should be mixed with the paste.
  • Third Step: Using a preferred face wash, the face should be washed and cleaned. The assurance of the clean face before application of the chemical peel is important. After washing, the face should be pat dry, preferably with a paper towel (Lint-less towels can also be used for the purpose since it effectively avoids all face irritations).
  • Fourth Step: The ring finger should be used to apply the paste all around the face and neck areas. The sensitive skin areas along with the eye areas should be avoided while applying this paste for safety reasons.
  • Fifth Step: One must lie down, relax and let the paste be on the face areas for 20-25 minutes. People with sensitive skin should keep the mask for 10 minutes.
  • Sixth Step: When the time is passed, warm water should be used to clear off the mask.
  • Seventh Step: After completely drying the face, a toner or moisturizer must be used. Some cold water should be sprinkled on the face so the pores opened by the warm water can be closed so that the moisturizer can work on the skin effectively. This completes the beauty treatment that would provide a clean and beautiful skin.

Face Of Blossom 18th anniversary

Face of Blossom held its 18th Anniversary Celebrations on Saturday, 9th of November 2013. To thank our customers for their many years of support, we have a plethora of offers and activities all lined up for our customers to participate in! It was an eventful day where we saw many new and familiar faces! 🙂 Thank you to all once again, for making the event a success! We hope all of you had a great time and we look forward to extending our products and services to you in the many years to come! For those who could not make it for the event, fret not! Face of Blossom currently has ongoing promotions. Just call in at 63343068 to book an appointment with us now!

You can find more photos in Face Of Blossom Facebook page.

Face Of Blossom 18th Anniversary 2013

Dear valued customers,

Face Of Blossom will be celebrating her 18th anniversary on 09th November 2013 Saturday from 11am-6pm.
As part of the celebrations, there will be plenty of offers and promotions.

For new & existing customers, on 09th November 2013 Saturday only, you can enjoy the following:

  • Free High tea buffet
  • Face threading for $18 (Please make a reservation in advance)
  • For selected products, buy 1 get 1 free promotions
  • Attractive door gifts

Special Offers & Promotions for existing customers:

  • Free shoulder massage (8-10 mins)
  • Free Pedicure/Medicare express
  • Lucky draw giveaway (Ipad)

Special Offers & Promotions for new customers:

  • Shoulder massage for $18 (20 mins)

If you are in town, why not drop by and celebrate with us?

We are located just 5 mins away from Bugis MRT.

Check Face Of Blossom beauty salon location.


How to Prevent Brittle Nails

How to Prevent Brittle Nails

You may have soft and silky smooth hands. But having those brittle nails can ruin the whole view. If it happened that you possess these awful nails, don’t fret. You just have to resist its gruesome appearance for a short period of time as there are many treatments for this condition. If you have looked around different nail treatment spas, you may find it expensive to undergo a nail treatment. If your budget won’t let your nail indulge on these hefty and classy treatments, you can turn to a number of simple home remedies. With some stuffs that you may find inside your kitchen, your dream of flaunting those gorgeous nails is just a step away. Examples of home remedies are lemons, beer, tea tree oil, almond oil and available moisturizing creams.

All of these are proven to be effective on keeping the nails healthy, moisturized and looking good. Here are some ways on how you can apply these home remedies for your brittle nails.

Olive Oil

If you chose to use olive oil, a teaspoon of it will be sufficient to cure your brittle nails. Just add some drops of lemon juice and your good to go. Massage the solution to your nails and keep on doing this thrice a week. For worst cases of brittle nails, apply the olive oil and lemon drop mixture daily. You will feel the changes very soon.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice lovers will find another use for their favorite refresher. Aside from satisfying your thirst, lemon juice can also nullify the bad effects of harsh chemicals brought by nail paint. Make use of a cotton pad, add a few drops of the mixture and apply it on your nails.

Almond Oil

For almond oil users, you will have to spend 10-15 minutes daily on dipping your nails. Almond oil contains vitamins that supply your nails with enough nutrients. This is helpful on strengthening your nails and bringing them back to life. Consistently using this home remedy is a sure way of getting rid of brittle nails.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil together with a few drops of Vitamin E is another solution to those brittle nails. Use a clean cotton pad when applying this product on your nails. Massage it gently for a few minutes. Like other home remedies, it makes the nail stronger and prevents further damage.

Nail Cream

Nail cream on the other hand moisturizes the nails. Aside from this it provides enough nutrients to the damaged parts making it stronger and healthier. As a substitute, you can go for massage oil, vegetable oil or other kinds of moisturizing creams. A high quality of nail cream is much better for the recovery of your brittle nails.


If you don’t have any of the above products, try to make use of beer. Add some apple cider vinegar on it and mix thoroughly. Soak your brittle nails in the mixture for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it well with warm water.

This should be a daily habit for you to achieve the best results.

How to even out uneven tanned areas in your skin

How to even out uneven tanned areas in your skin

The main aim of tanning is to get a perfect shade. However, it is important to understand to note that uneven tan does not bring desirable results. The improper use of self-tanning products may result in uneven tanned skin color. In addition, the bathing suit can also cause uneven tanning. Therefore, you have no need to worry when faced with the problem of uneven tanning.

Here are simple tips that help you fix these problems more quickly and efficiently:


Toners are used efficiently used in the beauty parlor to even out the uneven skin. In that case, you can as well try using toner at home. You can remove synthetic self-tanning products from your skin surface by using a good face toner. Most of these toners contain alcohol or witch hazel which is very efficient in removing over-colored or discolored areas of your skin.

Skin exfoliation

Skin exfoliation products help in restoring your skin to its original shade. To get the best results, it is important to reapply the skin tanning products repeatedly. While applying these skin tanning products, you should ensure that you do it evenly. In addition, you should apply more tanning products on the un-tanned areas. This ensures that thin lines between the un-tan and tan are even out properly.

Sunscreen application

On the other hand, sunscreen application is effective on fixing the uneven self-tan. Therefore, you may be tempted to ask about the natural tans. To be honest, uneven natural tans are more difficult to even out and require much time and patience. Good sunscreen products that are high in SPF should be applied to the tanned areas. It is important to apply until the un-tanned areas align with the tanned areas. You should then expose your body to the sun after applying the sunscreen product. It takes a few days to notice the results of these sunscreen products. In about 1 week, you will notice that the uneven tanned areas are even out smoothly.

Salon treatment

Alternatively, you can even out the uneven tans if you lack confidence of doing it at home. However, this is can be quite expensive but it is worth your money. The salons use the tanning bed to even out the uneven tans. The tanning bed is the most effective ways to even out the uneven tan quickly and efficiently.

Tanning spray

This another effective method to even out uneven tans while producing smooth and blemish-free skin tone. Sunless lotions spray or lotion can effectively remove splotches or discolorations.

Daily moisturizing

Regularly moisturizing your skin on a daily basis is one the most effective way to get rid of splotches and even out the skin tone. Daily moisturizing of your skin can result in a beautiful tanned appearance. Therefore, it is important to give it a try.

In conclusion, these tips will go a long way in fixing uneven tans hence producing a stunning bronzed body that will be admired by everybody.

Shattering some myths about makeup

Makeups Myths Exposed

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” so one of the old sayings go. However, in the modern women’s facial skin beauty care, the proper and correct way of using one’s make up is a must.
Proper use of makeup is Beauty itself. It is elegance for it enhance a womens physical look, appearance and appeal.
Putting make up is an art. It is not just the physical act of placing cosmetics on the face. Although cosmetics are physical substances to make good the appearance it must be done in the right way.
There are so many myths concerning make up that are being spread around. This is simply due to ignorance and lack of basic understanding of proper skin care.
Let us enumerate the most common and popular myth about makeups or cosmetics. Lest us further separate facts from fiction.

Common Makeups Myth

Fiction No. 1: Is That The Use of Foundation Brush Is Necessary

Facts: This is far from the truth. Clean fingers is the most natural and best part of the human body to use as tool for applying foundation. Fingers are very flexible and could easily follow each and every contour of our face. It help warm the make up resulting in an even spreads on your facial skin.

One of the basic fact about cosmetics is that one need to test the foundation on your neck. Why? The answer is simple. Swiping a few shades on your jawline to match you neck will do the trick. In the event that the foundational colour fades away then for sure you have a good match.

It is not accurate to test a makeup on one’s hand or cheek. The bottom line is that you will get an inaccurate result since hand or cheek tend to be a bit darker compared to the rest of the body due to too much exposure in the sun. If you will follow this, then most often than not you will buy for yourself a darker foundation and this will not accurately match the colour of your skin and a total waste of money.

Fiction No 2: Is That Makeup Causes Breakouts

Facts: The truth of the matter is that make up ought not be the unusual suspect for those annoying spots. In fact, it could be attributable to poor hygiene. Say for example having your make up on while asleep, lack of regularly cleaning of brushes and sponges. Using an expired make up is also a taboo for sure, it will play havoc on your precious skin.

Another factual and proven tip to contrast your eyes shadow to make up your eyes pop is to look for the opposite side of the colour wheel for your most suitable shades. This color wheel is simply a tool to create an accurate and good color combination. For green eyes the proper matching is purple shadow. For baby blues, bronze all the way.

Fiction Number 3: Is To Pump Your Mascara To get More Product

Fact: The probability is high that the simple explanation why you are not getting enough mascara on your wand is that the formula is simply expired and needs proper replacement. It is a scientific fact that air in mascara is the worst enemy of this product for it dries out the formula and precipitate the breeding of bacteria.

In fine, to maintain one’s beauty, a systematic and scientific knowledge about proper makeup or cosmetic use is necessary to maintain ones look and beauty.

Shattering few of the myths is just the start.