Makeups Myths Exposed

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” so one of the old sayings go. However, in the modern women’s facial skin beauty care, the proper and correct way of using one’s make up is a must.
Proper use of makeup is Beauty itself. It is elegance for it enhance a womens physical look, appearance and appeal.
Putting make up is an art. It is not just the physical act of placing cosmetics on the face. Although cosmetics are physical substances to make good the appearance it must be done in the right way.
There are so many myths concerning make up that are being spread around. This is simply due to ignorance and lack of basic understanding of proper skin care.
Let us enumerate the most common and popular myth about makeups or cosmetics. Lest us further separate facts from fiction.

Common Makeups Myth

Fiction No. 1: Is That The Use of Foundation Brush Is Necessary

Facts: This is far from the truth. Clean fingers is the most natural and best part of the human body to use as tool for applying foundation. Fingers are very flexible and could easily follow each and every contour of our face. It help warm the make up resulting in an even spreads on your facial skin.

One of the basic fact about cosmetics is that one need to test the foundation on your neck. Why? The answer is simple. Swiping a few shades on your jawline to match you neck will do the trick. In the event that the foundational colour fades away then for sure you have a good match.

It is not accurate to test a makeup on one’s hand or cheek. The bottom line is that you will get an inaccurate result since hand or cheek tend to be a bit darker compared to the rest of the body due to too much exposure in the sun. If you will follow this, then most often than not you will buy for yourself a darker foundation and this will not accurately match the colour of your skin and a total waste of money.

Fiction No 2: Is That Makeup Causes Breakouts

Facts: The truth of the matter is that make up ought not be the unusual suspect for those annoying spots. In fact, it could be attributable to poor hygiene. Say for example having your make up on while asleep, lack of regularly cleaning of brushes and sponges. Using an expired make up is also a taboo for sure, it will play havoc on your precious skin.

Another factual and proven tip to contrast your eyes shadow to make up your eyes pop is to look for the opposite side of the colour wheel for your most suitable shades. This color wheel is simply a tool to create an accurate and good color combination. For green eyes the proper matching is purple shadow. For baby blues, bronze all the way.

Fiction Number 3: Is To Pump Your Mascara To get More Product

Fact: The probability is high that the simple explanation why you are not getting enough mascara on your wand is that the formula is simply expired and needs proper replacement. It is a scientific fact that air in mascara is the worst enemy of this product for it dries out the formula and precipitate the breeding of bacteria.

In fine, to maintain one’s beauty, a systematic and scientific knowledge about proper makeup or cosmetic use is necessary to maintain ones look and beauty.

Shattering few of the myths is just the start.