How to Prevent Brittle Nails

You may have soft and silky smooth hands. But having those brittle nails can ruin the whole view. If it happened that you possess these awful nails, don’t fret. You just have to resist its gruesome appearance for a short period of time as there are many treatments for this condition. If you have looked around different nail treatment spas, you may find it expensive to undergo a nail treatment. If your budget won’t let your nail indulge on these hefty and classy treatments, you can turn to a number of simple home remedies. With some stuffs that you may find inside your kitchen, your dream of flaunting those gorgeous nails is just a step away. Examples of home remedies are lemons, beer, tea tree oil, almond oil and available moisturizing creams.

All of these are proven to be effective on keeping the nails healthy, moisturized and looking good. Here are some ways on how you can apply these home remedies for your brittle nails.

Olive Oil

If you chose to use olive oil, a teaspoon of it will be sufficient to cure your brittle nails. Just add some drops of lemon juice and your good to go. Massage the solution to your nails and keep on doing this thrice a week. For worst cases of brittle nails, apply the olive oil and lemon drop mixture daily. You will feel the changes very soon.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice lovers will find another use for their favorite refresher. Aside from satisfying your thirst, lemon juice can also nullify the bad effects of harsh chemicals brought by nail paint. Make use of a cotton pad, add a few drops of the mixture and apply it on your nails.

Almond Oil

For almond oil users, you will have to spend 10-15 minutes daily on dipping your nails. Almond oil contains vitamins that supply your nails with enough nutrients. This is helpful on strengthening your nails and bringing them back to life. Consistently using this home remedy is a sure way of getting rid of brittle nails.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil together with a few drops of Vitamin E is another solution to those brittle nails. Use a clean cotton pad when applying this product on your nails. Massage it gently for a few minutes. Like other home remedies, it makes the nail stronger and prevents further damage.

Nail Cream

Nail cream on the other hand moisturizes the nails. Aside from this it provides enough nutrients to the damaged parts making it stronger and healthier. As a substitute, you can go for massage oil, vegetable oil or other kinds of moisturizing creams. A high quality of nail cream is much better for the recovery of your brittle nails.


If you don’t have any of the above products, try to make use of beer. Add some apple cider vinegar on it and mix thoroughly. Soak your brittle nails in the mixture for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it well with warm water.

This should be a daily habit for you to achieve the best results.