How to even out uneven tanned areas in your skin

The main aim of tanning is to get a perfect shade. However, it is important to understand to note that uneven tan does not bring desirable results. The improper use of self-tanning products may result in uneven tanned skin color. In addition, the bathing suit can also cause uneven tanning. Therefore, you have no need to worry when faced with the problem of uneven tanning.

Here are simple tips that help you fix these problems more quickly and efficiently:


Toners are used efficiently used in the beauty parlor to even out the uneven skin. In that case, you can as well try using toner at home. You can remove synthetic self-tanning products from your skin surface by using a good face toner. Most of these toners contain alcohol or witch hazel which is very efficient in removing over-colored or discolored areas of your skin.

Skin exfoliation

Skin exfoliation products help in restoring your skin to its original shade. To get the best results, it is important to reapply the skin tanning products repeatedly. While applying these skin tanning products, you should ensure that you do it evenly. In addition, you should apply more tanning products on the un-tanned areas. This ensures that thin lines between the un-tan and tan are even out properly.

Sunscreen application

On the other hand, sunscreen application is effective on fixing the uneven self-tan. Therefore, you may be tempted to ask about the natural tans. To be honest, uneven natural tans are more difficult to even out and require much time and patience. Good sunscreen products that are high in SPF should be applied to the tanned areas. It is important to apply until the un-tanned areas align with the tanned areas. You should then expose your body to the sun after applying the sunscreen product. It takes a few days to notice the results of these sunscreen products. In about 1 week, you will notice that the uneven tanned areas are even out smoothly.

Salon treatment

Alternatively, you can even out the uneven tans if you lack confidence of doing it at home. However, this is can be quite expensive but it is worth your money. The salons use the tanning bed to even out the uneven tans. The tanning bed is the most effective ways to even out the uneven tan quickly and efficiently.

Tanning spray

This another effective method to even out uneven tans while producing smooth and blemish-free skin tone. Sunless lotions spray or lotion can effectively remove splotches or discolorations.

Daily moisturizing

Regularly moisturizing your skin on a daily basis is one the most effective way to get rid of splotches and even out the skin tone. Daily moisturizing of your skin can result in a beautiful tanned appearance. Therefore, it is important to give it a try.

In conclusion, these tips will go a long way in fixing uneven tans hence producing a stunning bronzed body that will be admired by everybody.